Thursday, July 7, 2011

By the River

This was my first try with the new pastels.
The moment I got them, the first thing I painted was this small hut, the blue sky and the river :)
I think this theme has been closest to my heart since childhood. Although the mountains are missing and the hut looks a bit shattered (I was in a hurry to complete it), I felt too happy to have a feel of these smooth pastel colors. Pelikan pastels are the best.


  1. I like the hues of blue Shweta. Pastels are pretty! Great job with the colours, i love how u bring out the colours of the sky. This theme is closest to my heart too. i started my artistic journey back in kindergarten with a small house with a chimney, a winding road leading upto the door of the house, a river, the sun and mountains in the background. :) and have been stuck there since. :P.