Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shiva in water colours

Flowers (water colours)

Musicians (water colours)

Flowers (water colours)

Harbour (water colours)

Glass painting (oil coulours)

The Lone Boat (water colours)

Tungabhadra - Hampi (Rolling Stone Shack)

The Holy lake in Yuksom (Sikkim)


  1. Shweta u are tooo good :)
    i love ur paintings...

  2. Hi Beautiful, thanks for the appreciation. it surely is motivating.

  3. This is awesome... I was really surprised to see your art when we visited your place in August... and the ones posted here surpass what we had seen then...

  4. Hi Somali,
    Thanks a lot. How are u n the other two :)
    WHen is the good news reaching us!

  5. Hi Shweta ji,

    Sorry for commenting late. Hum always late but latest.....
    one word- Simply superb!!! My simple yet sincere advice is u should take up painting as a serious profession. Definitely, it is so very good.

  6. Special mention to the Hampi pencil sketch. Colors can mask even a slightest error(although your paintings don't have any as seen with my dressed eye) but pencil sketch shows up your immaculate strokes and finnesse. Kudos....

  7. Hi Friends, Great encouragement. I am working on a new one, hope to finish it soon and post it on my blog.
    It has become addictive now, want to paint and keep posting and sharing with you all. Every comment encourages to paint more. Thanks again.